Team goals and objectives planning template

Standardize and scale your team objectives planning with the process outlined in this template.

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Tips for planning team goals and objectives with our template

At regular intervals, most teams need to set goals while also figuring out the best process to do so that can scale along the way. It's no small feat. This template gives you a structure for how to set them. That way, your team knows the targets they need to hit and can use Asana to plan and manage the work to hit them.

  • Templatize your planning process. Once you have your planning process figured out, save it as a template to save time and scale.

  • Post regular status updates. Post status updates in Asana so everyone can see how goals are progressing right where the work is happening.

  • Connect strategy to tactics. Break down goals into projects and tasks so everyone knows how their daily work ladders up to the bigger picture.

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