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Actionable ways to improve clarity, focus, and personal growth.

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Over the last two years, work has transformed. So has the way employees think about it. Today’s employees are seeking a sense of purpose—and today’s leaders need to help them see the value in what they do.

Align your employees to organizational goals with Asana Goals

That’s where Asana comes in. We’ve created employee-focused tools to help leaders meet the needs of their organizations’ most important resource—their people.

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Connect people to purpose

Employees want a clear sense of purpose. When they can see how their efforts connect to organizational objectives, they’ll be free to do their best, most fulfilling work.

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“Everybody wants to do the best work of their lives. They want to know what they should be doing and why it matters.”

- Tony Ward, President, The Americas, Xero

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Leading through change

Learn how to create clarity through change to help teams focus on what matters.

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Leadership for the New Era of Work Webinar
Support focus by minimizing distractions with Asana

Support focus by minimizing distractions

Help individuals work more intentionally. Support focus with app integrations that minimize tool switching and maximize time doing impactful work.

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Complete your projects with Asana's focus mode

“Our team is able to complete creative projects a lot more quickly because they get the information they need faster. That’s a big gain for everyone. There’s less frustration and outside communication, which adds up and slows down the work day.”

–Jessie Geisen, Brand Marketing Manager, Benefit Cosmetics

The Impact Playbook: Motivating employees in a fast-changing world

Connecting people to the big picture isn’t a nice-to-have—it's essential for building a resilient company.

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The Purpose Playbook ebook

Celebrate people and their contributions

From streamlining onboarding to recognizing team members, you’ll have an opportunity to build relationships and celebrate your team from day one.

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Support your most valuable resource—your people

Help your teams and organization thrive together.

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